Meet Keem Fame Rich

Meet Keem Fame Rich

Keem fame rich, real name Hakim Kajoba, is a Ugandan music promoter, digital marketeer, artist and CEO of Keem Fame, a social media agency.

Who is Keem Fame Rich?

I was born Kajoba Hakim going by my stage name as Keem  Fame, 23 years back. I share one child with Rosh Fame, we’ve been together for three years.

How many songs do you have to your name?

‘Tetulinda Bide’ featuring Sama Sojah is one of them, ‘Paradise’ ft Dynamite, and soon releasing a song with Pallaso.

When did you realize you could sing? And who was your role model?

I started doing music way back in 2015, but I was still at school and due to lack of enough funds, I decided to get a side hustle which later became a dream and I have decided to use that dream to make music again. Pallaso was my role model.

Which artists do you intend to work with?

I have collaboration projects in the pipeline with Pallaso, Ziza Bafana, King Saha and shooting a music video with Sama Sojah very soon.

Keem Fame and Sama Sojah

Keem Fame and Sama Sojah real name Ivan Waiswa Tonny

Are you a family man?

Yes of course, Rosh Fame is my better half, we share a child and been together for three years. 

You talked of a side hustle earlier on, what is that?

I have my official office in Dubai under keemfame doing PR and publications plus digital marketing. It has expanded that I have businesses in London, Germany and the Netherlands. In London, I do music promotion and brand promotion with my signed artist Vjoj and in Germany, that is where I stay after acquiring citizenship. 

What is it with you and the small aircrafts?

These are business trips and it was after we had signed a deal with fly KEA, an aviation company that chatters flights around Uganda.

Are you signed to any record label?

Am not signed to any label am working under Keem Fame Rich, I just personally signed VJOJ, an artist based in London and a popular videographer.


Finally, why the name Keem Fame Rich?

The name Fame comes after me helping all over 300 brands becoming famous with boosting their socials, music, etc. I decided to use the name fame representing famous meaning am behind a lot of famous people.

And the name Rich comes after me acquiring a lot of customers and business partners, obviously it boosted my income status, thus the “RICH” avatar.


SourceUganda Online